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DIY Effect switchers (bypass, A or B, FX order)

My DIY switching pedals, these were some of my first builds and are an easy way to get into pedal building (they are pretty easy). reverse order switcher: This box does one thing, it reverses the order of two loops. … Continue reading

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Pedal spotlight – The “ZEN” drive

Here is my ZEN drive clone, what an amazing sounding overdrive. This is based on the famous Ibanez Tube screamer with some nice additions. The pedal is very dynamic to your playing (play light it stays clean, play hard and … Continue reading

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9v DIY practice amp – Plexi + Tremelo + Delay + Noisy Cricket Amp

A few months back I picked up a gutted 15 watt 1990’s Squire 15 amp (made in Taiwan). Nothing there except the cabinet. I created a new control faceplate out of lexan, installed a 8″ Jensen Mod15 speaker and then … Continue reading

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Flatline Compressor – circuit

The circuit for the John Hollis “Flatline Compressor”. I really like this one alot, it’s boxed up and on my pedalboard (and on all the time), need to paint it and take a pic. Here is how the circuit looked. … Continue reading

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Hot Fuzz – based on the Devi Ever Soda Meiser Fuzz

Here is a nice pedal my wife Tammy and I built for a friend (James), I called it “Hot Fuzz”. It contains a veroboard Devi Ever Soda Meiser with some mods. The switch on the left is the “chaos” mod … Continue reading

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Welcome to Teebtone – guitar FX and more

Hello all, This is a new website to showcase my guitar fx pedals (stompboxes) that I have created. Some will be for sale, others are for me to use.  Along with, I purchased so that someday I can … Continue reading

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