Back to building after workshop fire, new Reverb store

Well it’s been a while since I added a post here… here is what has been going on.

Heath issues, job loss and a fire in my pedal workshop/garage have hindered effect and music related tinkering. I had open heart surgery in early 2016 due to a congenital related issue. When I recovered my health from that I was laid-off from my workplace of 11 years. Then 6 months later my garage/workshop burned to the ground.

Ugh, it was a rough couple of years and took a long time to replace all the lost tools, hardware and components lost in the fire.

During the last update in 2015 I put more of my items/pedals up for sale and created storefronts.

My Ebay store (I buy and sell Lego bricks figures and sets, they were part of my health recovery after surgery and I fell in love with Lego again), but there is music equipment there too (but please buy it through Reverb if interested, the fees are less).

My Reverb store:

My Youtube channel (pease subscribe if you can, I need 100 to have a custom URL, until then it’s this link below).

I’ll probably create an Etsy storefront for DIY in the near future.

Some pictures of stuff I have created, modified or repaired from the last couple of years:

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