Custom effect prices

Prices summer 2020

    • Custom effect units $100-$300
      • These are primarily 9-volt guitar circuits, but higher voltage/higher fidelity units can also be crafted to run at 12-18 volts in some instances.
        • Some 9-volt floor pedal examples are:
          • Delays and reverb – $100 and up
          • Distortion, fuzz and overdrives – $50 and up
          • Preamps/boosts – $50 and up
          • Phaser, chorus and flanging – $80 and up
        • Effects can be tailored to guitar, bass or as an external effect for synths. Clean blends are a popular option for using fuzz with vocals or bass.
        • Artwork is custom for each pedal, let me know what you want it to look like, suggest or send some artwork, or I can just go for it. In the end it will be one of a kind. +$20 for customer provided artwork
        • Oversized pedalsĀ are an option (more space for art) + $50 and up
    • Double barrel (2 in 1) pedals $150-300
      • popular combinations are:
        • boost and fuzz
        • delay and reverb
        • overdrive and distortion
        • two different overdrives
        • whatever you want
      • options available are order switching, patch points, toggled master/dual switching, many possibilities exist
    • Effect modification – $ contact for quote
      • You send me a working effect, I modify it in some fashion, examples are:
        • More volume/less volume
        • More low end/high end
        • Clean blend control
        • True bypass switching
        • Buffered bypass switching
        • Additional controls
    • Repairs
      • Contact us for estimates, there will be a $50 bench fee, and you need to ship the pedal to us. Many times $50 more than covers the repair, sometimes much more (for some vintage effects there are no spare parts and it can get expensive quick). Some effects may also be beyond repair, I will try my best to dissuade you from spending the $50+shipping if I think I cannot repair it.

Payments: I take payments via Paypal or Venmo, 50% due at time of order, rest due on completion.

Shipping: Domestic shipping is normally $8.00 unless the build is very large. International shipping is available, please contact for estimate to your location.

Time to completion: Due to covid-19 build times make be extended to secure parts from overseas. If I have all the parts estimated completion time is around 2 weeks. If parts are needed it will be 8-10 weeks.