Sold effects

2020 Notable Effects (all sold):

Face Fuzz: A nice dirty and biting fuzz with a custom “face” paintjob and some oversized knobs. The nostrils glow green when engaged. $100 Sold on Reverb Feb 2020.


¬†Systech Harmonic Energizer: A “cocked wah/filter” effect made popular by Frank Zappa. These are a popular seller (the originals are rare, and none of the big pedal brands make one). $100 Sold on Reverb Feb 2020


The Meat Sphere (a Lovepedal Meatball Clone): This is the most crazy auto filter I have played with, very neat, very weird. Tons of controls. $200 Sold on Reverb April 2020.


The¬†UltraLord Fuzz, similar to a Zvex Fuzz Factory, but a little more tame with a large range of usable fuzz tones, works great with lots of instruments, it’s a little less fussy about an active signal going into it compared to the Fuzz Factory. This was sold in a re-used housing from a failed pedal, but the artwork was cool. Sold $70 Reverb June 2020.



A Dual Barrel Overdrive – This nice sparkle painted pedal housed a Lovepedal Eternity based overdrive circuit into an OCD style overdrive, it was pretty rocking and sold quick. Sold $120 Locally

Dual OD overdrive (Eternity/OCD)

Dual OD overdrive (Eternity/OCD)

A modified Big Muff Pi Distortion/Fuzz – Very doom sounding, thick as can be, sounded great (I used it for a couple years). Sold $120 Ebay